What is Kick Start Fatloss

We are the UK’s and Irelands fastest growing lifestyle club with over 90 clubs and classes all over the UK Ireland, Gibraltar and Jersey.

Kick Start is a research based, cutting edge, clean eating and nutrition plan for life… not a short term dieting fix.

Every Kick Start Slim session is empowering, educational, motivating and supportive.

Anyone can give you a diet sheet to follow. Let’s face it, you can get a “diet/weight loss plan” of the back of a cereal box … clever & extremely persuasive marketing convinces us to buy highly processed rubbish that keep us locked into sugar addiction.
We constantly buy more to feed the addictions, chasing the dream that these foods will actually deliver us a slim, thin, trim, body.

The reality is that processed food & sugar messes with our hormones, our brains and changes the chemical make up in the body…. affecting everything from fertility, menstruation, acne, appetite, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain and a whole array of daily ailments.
Eliminate refined & processed foods first to clean the liver and cells and break the sugar addiction. Eat clean and stick to 3 meals a day with tons of veggies plus good fresh water, quality sleep & de-stressing.
These are all key to long lasting weight management, wellness and health.



You can sign up for Kick Start Fat Loss Online HERE or find out details of LIVE classes HERE

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