5 Day KSFL Cleanse

Are you now ready to take the next step and join my


If you have tried any of our free programmes and now would like a more structured approach

or just want to go all in for 5 days this is a great programme for you to try.

Maybe you have given up sugar and now want to sort out your diet and nutrition in more detail

then this is a great “mini”plan to start with.

Have you been trying to give up sugar?

Did you manage to get through
the day or has sugar crept back in

I received a MOUNTAIN
of emails, tweets, FB messages,
Whats app’s, even Snap Chats
from people All OVER THE UK regarding sugar.

I think we all realise sugar is
an addictive nightmare.

And of course, the minute
you tell yourself…

“Right NO SUGAR today”
the more you obsess.

It can send you stir crazy!!!!!

^^^^^^I totally get it^^^^^

But kicking sugar out of your
diet for 80% of the time
will be THE key, to you

Feeling & Looking
THE BEST version of YOU.

I promise.

Going through the withdrawal
stages will be soooo worth it.

Once that sugar fog lifts from
your mind. I can’t tell you
the clarity you will feel.

You honestly feel so sharp, mentally.

And of course the inches
will drop.

Your sleep will improve.

Your skin, hair & nails will
shine with vitality.

You will have a TON more

Now you have
done 24 hours what about trying
for 5 days?

Are you ready to take the next step?

I’ve put together a 5 day

It’s my 5 day Kick Start Fat Loss detox
with a daily 10minute workout
plus positive affirmation, meal planners
& recipes plus motivation.

It’s all online & you can
start at any time.

There is no set
start date, or group to join
you work through
the 5 days whenever you are ready.

Once you sign up, Create a log in
& you get full access to the daily

It’s the perfect package to get
you looking sparkling for the weekend.

Get the family involved & do it as a team.

Do check in with me & let me know
how you are going with the NoSugar
initiative & if you are ready to take
the next step and do a full 5 days.

Love Always & Come On Lets Kick It
& Take Action on Sugar.

Esther xx


The 5 Day Look Amazing For the
Weekend Detox is



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