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Menopause, Fat around the Middle want to look good in 6 weeks ?

13445306_10153558705981820_260038688310576910_nFeeling fed up and disheartened not sure what gym to join, class to start, diet to follow or are you thinking about white knuckling it and having a go on your own??
Are you  feeling stuck in a hamster wheel of lose a pound gain 2 pounds and the weight seems to be creeping on around you middle no matter what you do?
Are you battling health niggles – IBS, Chrones, Low Mood, Depression and Anxiety, Skin Allergies, feeling Bloated,  feeling tired and lethargic…..
Does the sun coming out feel you with dread …what are you going to wear?
I’m a Fatloss expert with 29 years experience in the fitness industry,  my specialist programme Kick Start Fat Loss guarantees you results.
Designed for women who seriously have tried EVERYTHING and have come to that point where they need:
Is this YOU?
I  look at YOU as an individual and we address your total health.
It’s not just a food plan and 30minute exercise I look at you stress levels, any medication you are on, your work/life balance, how you are sleeping, how much time do you have, help you plan your food and ideas for your family meals.
I have coached thousands of people all over the world Kick Start their Lifestyle.
  I am running a very specialised 6 week Kick Start for women who are seriously ready for change and what to get results.
Women who are looking for the very best intelligent approach.
I am offering 20 places and the class starts on 7th November 14th, 21st  & 28th starts at 6.30pm with talk  and 5th & 12th December,weigh in and exercise starts at 7pm just in time for the Christmas season.
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I am happy to weigh at any class just ask me and we can arrange a time,    To Secure you Place click here


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