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KSFL run LIVE Fatloss, Fitness and Well-being Clubs & Classes all over the UK, Ireland, Jersey & Gibraltar plus new Juice Detox Programme for 2016

Are you unhappy with your body shape?
Have you tried numerous diets without getting lasting results?
Confused about nutrition, what foods to eat, bombarded with conflicting weight loss info?
Problem areas of your body that appear resistant to exercise?

Watch niggling health issues and complaints diminish completely or dramatically reduce when you take control of your nutrition . Kick Start Fat Loss Club is a revolutionary diet and exercise club arming you with the latest fat loss and fitness information. No calorie counting, daily points, faddy foods or complicated workouts. 

The Kick Start Fat Loss Live Classes Programme includes:

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 3lbs or 3 stone. Kick Start Fat Loss will get YOU the Body and the life that you crave and deserve – start to feel amazing and join us now.

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